LDN: The Birth Of Motorcycle Enabled Crime

A lengthy insight into the birth of Motorcycle Enabled Crime in London.

On the night of the 19th of December, 2014

Death Police Officer

Henry Hicks, 18, died when he lost control of his vehicle and collided with traffic on Wheelwright Street, N7 , following a high speed chase by two unmarked police cars. He was found to be in possession of 3 phones, cash, several larges bags of skunk (cannabis) and the 300cc moped was registed as stolen – a few months earlier.

The four Police Officers involved faced gross misconduct charges, but we’re cleared of any wrongdoings in 2017.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which carried out two investigations into the case, expressed “significant concern” over the way Police treated Hicks in the years before his death.

He was Stop & Searched 89 times prior to his death, but was never charged with an offence. It found inconsistencies in records of previous Stop & Searches carried out on him in 22 occasions, suggesting bullying (CNJ).

Police Moped Scooter


The IPCC also said the Officers conducted a pursuit without authorisation from a Senior Officer in the Control room – citing they did not consider the risk to Hicks in pursuing him, nor did they consider he might be a juvenile.

This, along with Tory budget cuts rant, has had a direct impact on Policing. As you will see in the documentary below. With no legal protection from enforcing law, it has bred to the problems London faces today.

  • Robberies
  • Armed robberies
  • Hijackings
  • Motorcycle theft

They have been known to use angle grinders, hammers, knives, machetes, guns and acid –resulting in life changing injuries, inc death.

In lack of Police intervertion, Food Delivery riders – who are generally targeted have set up Facebook and whatsapp groups to keep other riders informed of sightings and news.

With more powers and kit (such as the “Moped Bashers” developed for the Police by BMW, and new Stinger system) trickling down to the Police now, let’s hope they can do things that Sadiq Khan’t.

There are many ways to keep your bike, and you safe – I can only talk about legal ways -everyone has their own levels of protection.

  • To protect yourself from an acid attack; always carry a litre bottle of water in your box. Full/Flip face helmet and remember All The Gear All The Time.
  • Use an alarmed Disc-Lock(f) & a heavy chain(r). Anchor your bike where possible.
  • Always use a cover.
  • Install a tracker.
  • Wear a Camera (good for insurance too)
  • Be wary of mopeds with a pillion passenger – especially if theyre riding a Yamaha TMAXX, the pillion will typically be carrying a bag/rucksack
  • Speeding, without a number plate, and/or making U-turns.

And finally, No. I’m not one of them. hehe

Sources; The Independent, Camden New Journal , Google images, Youtube: HandMuffWarrior, Islington Tribune, BBC hehe, CCTV

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